Monday, April 30, 2012

All Putam and Mooredo

It's midnight here,
Jupiter carries a mindful spirit
toward Saturn,
Fixing his eyes on her burning face.
It's end of April,
Thunders clap,
Down pours the heavy rain,
Saturn and Jupiter vanish in the sky, unseen.
While planets in milky way blink their eyes
in startled orbits;
The earth turns blue like death,
Flexing its chambers of emotions toward God.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

West Sahara = Rachel Schapiro+West Virginia+Sasha+Sammy Yan+Harry Potter+Hema Rao+Tara

Direct quotation from The New York Times:
"When the Irish-born photographer
Andrew McConnell saw images
from his project ‘The Last Colony’
displayed side by side, he was
surprised by the strength in numbers.
While individual images —
stark, harshly lit portraits of
the Sahrawi people from Western Sahara —
are stunning in themselves,
collectively, their impact grows."

Image Credit: on west Sahara

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Haiti=Hawaii+Italy+Timthy+Helen Keller+The Clintons

Name: Haiti (the size of Maryland)
People: Haitians
Capital: Port-au-Prince (1.2 million)
Location: Western third of the tropical
island of Hispaniola.
Language: French (spoken by 10%)
and Creole - a mixture of Indian,
French and Spanish languages
Ethnic Groups: African descent 95%;
African and European descent 5%.
Religion: Roman Catholic;
Education: Adult literacy 46%

Image Credit: on Haiti...earthquakes, conditions of women...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pandi: The Inseparable Soul Mate To Me (Tommy)…Weeeee!

I have at least a dozen stuffed pandas
at home, I cried worrying about my huge
panda doll Sandy on my way home from
San Diego zoo, hearing that there was
a huge fire in Oklahoma, believing that
my panda was hurt. At 2nd grade,
Ms. Wisdom had me inventing panda
characters, including Trenton's Dad...

Image Credit: on Pandas, Kungfu pandas..Tom Wu, Sheng Wu, Jiahong Wu, Ji Yan

Greece = Grace

 Greece is a country
where adviser of father Jiahong Wu
from Beijing University used to enjoy
living, the culture and arts are
impressive in many ways,
Megan Turner and Mark Turner,
visited Greece for a year, Dad had a
visit last year, Greece rhymes with
Grace, hope to see beauty and love shown in Greece.

Image Credit: on Greece, Greece culture and sentiments..Tom Lee Wu

To Mommy and Daddy: Your Love 4 Sheng and Me Is Valued Greatly! ;)

When I was younger,
Mom and Dad took me and my brother Sheng
to places on weekly basis,
We buy family memberships at science
museums and zoos, then we visit these
around the United States for free as
a family of four, I loved science museum
at Wichita, and the Sedgwick County Zoo
is remarkable.

Image Credit: on Wichita, zoos, museums, mom, Dad, brother..Jiahong Wu, Ji Yan, and Sheng Kent Wu..Tom Lee Wu