Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day To My Mom Ji!

Happy mother's Day, Mom,
Always, I love You!
Similar Greetings go to Moms
who have spent time loving and caring for me,
including my aunts, grandmothers, Tanya Raun, Jen Passmore,
Tally Rao, ...Happy Mother's Day to all of the teachers who are
or used to be moms and taught me good things,
Gayla Foster, Meredith Blecha,  take care...

Love from Your bt

 A vase of flowers in a window frame.
A house of gentle light amid dark leaves.
An ecstasy so sharp it feels like anguish,
The pull that makes our beeline an ellipse.
No transcendental morning's inspiration
So ravishes the things we never see.
We hear for all our lives a silent music
To which we dance unknowing through our time.
And even when we die, there is a beauty
Older than the cold December stars,
A part of us that waits behind the darkness
To take us once again into its arms.


Tom Lee Wu said...

have a fine day...

Isadora said...

Fabulously expressed words ....

Iris Raun Murphy said...


you superman,

keep it up.

Tom Lee Wu said...

Thanks for the comments.

Sarah Bush said...

mind blowing feature.