Monday, May 7, 2012

Inspired By You!

You got to kick yourself, laughing,
Music feeds the cracks of your emotions,
Words swell the shore,
Misconception exists to
punctuate uneasy images.
Pointless, unjust freedom and abasement,
The disguised tiger and emptiness,
Those who are not demons are saints,
Beds are solid tools of abasement.
Kids are never satisfied without singing in chorus,
Mothers have to stop trying too hard,
Nature is battle ground,
Environment is sublime.
Your car is your face,
Your hairdo tells your race,
Something is bound to be better,
You got to swallow the pill to undo the matter.

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Tom Lee Wu said...

one has to be cheerful to be happy.

life is hard,
we can do better as a team and that's not hard.

kez said...

Positivity is the answer ! music too can change our mood and disposition ...lovely write thank you x