Monday, June 18, 2012

Strength and Summer

Strength, like ropes of the sun,
Lifts new hope,
And we rise, like morning,
Love sets language on blaze,
We burn like summer,
Cold rain doesn’t always last…

The Perfect Poet Award from Hyde Park Poetry, Thanks a lot, xo
has  Nominated me for week 71 the perfect poet award, I appreciate her encouragements, and nominate her for week 72, she is a gem on poetry and leadership….Aya Gugles Wilson

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Tom Jacob Wu said...

Happy Summer to All!


Robin Jacob Clinton said...

superb talent.

Timonthy Jacobshen Wood said...

taken, shared with Aya Wilson.

Aya Gugles Wilson said...

Thanks for the honor.


Silverfox Goldwolf Jolie said...


Malia Jones Catieboxford said...

you are talented, tim.


Viola Cohen said...

cool piece.

Elizena said...

Very nice! It's like I could see the sun with ropes tied to all it's rays trying to pull me out of the doldrums, going, "Heave ho, heave ho! We need to pull her out of the darkness people!!" And finally I could feel the warmth of the sun on my face as I was surrounded by light. I love it when a poem or story runs a little film in my head as I read. Quite enjoyed reading this. Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem!!Thanks for sharing.

George Lincoln said...

love this, tom.

Kimolisa said...

great piece, short and sweet.

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