Thursday, July 5, 2012

Water Fun Around TianJin, ShangHai, and BeiJing (For Short Story Slam Week 22 on Fathers' Love)

After riding a cruise in Haihe of Tianjin,
and cross the Huangpu river in Shanghai by a carrier,
My Dad took mom and I boating, 
in Beijing Yuyuantan Park,
We sat on a green boat
with our heads shaded by pink roof,
Dad and I pedaled on two sides
with Dad controlling the steering wheel between two of us,
Then Mom and I did some more
before Dad came back to co-sail our boat,
We went to see the lotus woods on our left side first,
Reached southern Entry of the park next,
We parked our boat near an arc bridge,
Listening to a group of crowds (elder citizens) singing loudly,
with music bands to worship the Chinese government …
It was half an hour past when we decided to sail back,
While watching two invaders swimming in the center of the lake,
Dad and I took some pictures of the water way…
and we enjoyed seeing many other boats
around US: battery charged ones,
Professional controlled ones…
After about 50 minutes, our boat
hit the shore, we finished our water fun
with great satisfaction….
Thanks for the watery ride
with US being the boss,
Making decisions both on our directions
and on time spent in the lake,
Boating could be fun
when one is willing to take the risk
and become part of the outdoor adventures…

Tianjin Haihe

Shanghai Pearl Tower and Huangpujiang Cruises

Beijing Yuyuantan Park Boating Fun....Did You See Mi? :)

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Tom Jacob Wu said...

I have had fun in China,
Thanks to my Dad for his sincere support.


Robin Jacob Clinton said...

love this.


Sarah Bush said...

Glad to read you, Tom.

what heart warming trip.

you, your mom and dad are cool.

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