Wednesday, August 15, 2012


YAN (), a family surname,  Ji (季), the three months period of each year, such as spring, fall, summer, and winter...

What do we need to be happy?
A midsummer dance at Thursday night?
A horse back ride alone
near the shore of Sunset Beach?
Do we NE-ED the rain,
Wet like dragon's eye fruit,
Soothing the weeks of droughts of hunger,
Years of questions and hardships,
for worse or for better?
How sad it is for you to come to me for mercy
after fearless killings on my destiny?
You live without much considerations,
As the bleeding past reminds,
I cover my scars you left in my mind,
and walk toward my tomorrow,
As far as I know,
You do live in luxury
and have everything you need,
at the cost of someone you hate,
Stop lying to the public
or accuse someone you hate of things
she/he are not capable of ...
You need me and us,
We don't really need you
but do care and show mercy on you.

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