Friday, January 18, 2013

The Root of Term "math": Learning To Master Math...

-Math, as it turns out,
mentioned in etymology,
comes from an Anglo-Saxon
word for mowing:
Maeth. It would have been
the era of "hot skirts"
and the rolling stones., formulas, math teachers rock, i love math..

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Patrician As A Bald Eagle: Italian VS English by James Schuyler

Patrician as a bald eagle
or lamb leg with mint sauce,
the night-owl trolley shimmies
outer suburbs bound from heart
of Scranton. Or is it Scranton?
Melodious mistake, it's Florence!
They're talking Italian,
You're thinking English,
Val d'Amo wind,
Cold as witch's knee,
Full of rain. On the glass!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Grace in Greece: New Year's Blessings and Birthday Wishes to DAd!

Greece is a country where the creator 
of inlinkz Aris lives,
The culture and arts there are
impressive in many ways,
Mom's friends Megan Turner and Mark Turner,
visited Greece for a year before moving to California, 

Dad Hong had a visit in 2011, 
Greece rhymes with Grace, 
hope to see  more beauty and talents shown in Greece.
Happy 45th Birthday, Dad,
Thanks for paying the bills,
handing me freshly cooked meal plates,
fresh fruits, taking me to piano lessons,
Cello lessons, and concerts...
I feel comfort and warmth via your silent
but firm action and emotion,
your love is carried out in your hands,
written in my mind...
bless your 2013,
smooth sailings!