Monday, February 25, 2013

Card By Hayden Carruth

Imagine a little silvery trickle of mercury
Moving around the gray and gentle bumps
and along the crevices of your brain. Gives you
The Creeps, doesn't it. But it isn't so far off.
Just go out there twenty yards offshore and
The Atlantic Ocean is full of it. The Halibut
Ground up and sold in a can will kill your cat
Just as it killed my Smudgie; the baby dolphins
are born blind. This is the large zone of
Pollution on the whole, entire earth. God knows
What monstrosities are occurring down in the depths.
But before long we may find out: crawing
Up on the boardwalk among the trolling hips
and bosoms. Ah, yes, A Merry Christmas to all.
And of course a Happy New Year too.