Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nosense or Sense Making Lines!

No peace without needs at ease,
No rule without confusion,
No church without faith,
No grief without love,
No forgiveness without recompense,
No pay without working,
No respect without an open mind,
Day and night, truth and false,
Everything rotates and plays games,
Words, hopes, and dreams,
either written or spoken,
they run down the streams
and dodge devils,
on Earth or in Heaven!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Childhood Faded Away by Jim Gator Foulk


Childhood Faded away,
to a far away land,
simple, so simple were we,
Days of Play,
Going our Way,
Having fun, no care,
for another day,
time for us stood still,
playing king of the hill
Childhood Faded away
thinking of another day,
summer time was fine,
when friends were kind,
swiming holes were filled,
our hearts were thrilled
Childhood Faded Away
to a time that makes me sway
many years have passed away,
since childhood faded to another day,
Childhood Faded to places,
floating somewhere in time.