Tuesday, July 23, 2013

See You Around by Kim or Lisa posted on July 1, 2013


"What are you looking at?"
She looked up at me,
Distracted. Swimming
Upstream in her personal
River of her thoughts 
To the spot on the bank
Upon which I stood.
"Nothing, just lost
In thought," she gave 
Me a small smile.
"What are you thinking
About?" I had been here
For over an hour, trying
To engage her in some
Sort of conversation.
"Nothing of importance,"
She said after a long bout
Of silence.
I wanted to scream,
I wanted to shout,
I wanted to take her
By her shoulders and
Shake her, instead
I said "Oh."
She was looking out
Of the window again,
And I felt dismissed.

"Well, I have some 
Errands to run, so
I will see you around,"
I said making my way
To the door.
"See you around,"
She said without looking.
I never saw her around,
As time passed, it was something 
That didn't impact on me.
Somehow when I closed 
The door that last time,
I closed it for good.
Time passes and people
Grow apart and that's life.
Even the people you thought
Would be in your life forever
They, too, fade away.