Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Rock My World by Mariah Rhoda


Like lightening you appeared
In my quiet life you showed
Like thunder my life you rocked
Now it's extra worth to be lived

Like an angel fallen from above
Shining your light with full love
Like a bird you musically whisper in my ear
After all those years i waited to hear
In my quiet life you appear
To rock my world

In my life now you are
In my life you will stay
My world you will rock
We will rock the world together
Friends we will remain forever



Larry Hasty Holder Stanleywood said...

so many people have touched my life,

name a few, from my Dad Jiahong Wu, to my brother Sheng Wu, and mom Jiyan, plus my piano teacher, cello teachers such as Gayla Foster, Scott Jackson, Denise McClurg Kenna, Meredith Blecha, Bree Ann Ahern, John Clinton, Peter Marks, Christy Fine, Mark Layrock, John Schimek, Bob Cooper, Jason Grife, ...

bless all.
Happy Holidays.

always, you all rock.

Larry Hasty Holder Stanleywood said...

keep it up,

Barack and Michelle Obama.

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