Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pyong Yang At North Korea

when I was little,
I've already heard about north korea war
and capital city Pyong Yang too,
It seems that Pyong Yang (some say pingrong)
is the forecast to mainland China cross Yalu river,
there was always tensions among
America, China, Taiwan, South and North Korea,
Political battles rage on,
Food sanctions around nuclear weapon development control...

Side choosing,
Party variations matter
until a math faculty from south Korea becomes a friend to my family,
Slowly, I begin to embrace both south and north,
As time passes, I know Inch-eon and  Seoul are cool:
Love Sam-San (Nanshan) Tower,
The subway transit system with ticket card recycling is witty,
I know in tradition Pyong Yang remains conservative,
I hope that everyone opens up and catches USA to appear attractive.