Friday, February 27, 2015

all about you

The cuckoo clock's moan
crispy joyous tone-
cool, cool!
What makes life whole like the divine?
what brings you fresh feelings like grape wine?
two, two!
what turns things soft and pure,
what warms your heart as the cure,
wool, wool!
Here is something hot and alone,
It means happiness full-grown,
you, you!

Friday, February 6, 2015

the differentiation

under the hard seam shell,
there is an empty room for Somahalia Spell.
before a butterfly lands on the Moon,
there is an egg, a larva, a puppa, and a moth cocoon.
while you fancy about a frog on a log,
you shall see a tadpole polly-wog.
weighted down by tides of sea water,
the timid I hibernate like a Wisconsin butter.
the voiceless argument
will last,...perch for settlement,
will differentiate...smell the roses
at least, for a dove's sake, for today...