Sunday, April 26, 2015


pink and red,
a ball of energy,
the fruit of nutrition.
red skin
white round body
radishes are cute.


Random Roll at Figaro Dollar Tree House A -Z

Aldi Sue Ann,
Brownsville Post office
Crystal Geyser Water Bottle
Chance Imhoff election height
Donald Duck Pure Orange Juice
Dollar Tree Stores Inc.
Edmond Half Price Bookstore
Frodo Froko Faramir Fans
Football team from University of Washington
Genealogyyocd Wordpress Blog
Gina Noble and Zach Johnson 
Homestore Bath Tissue and Paper Towel
Harvard Law Review
Ireland Government
Indian Poets Society
Jacquelyn Lane
Justin Stead
Kaelynn Knoernschild
Kate Middleton
Lijuan Peng
Morton Salt
Mo Yan
Michael Young
Murphy USA
Matress King
New Jersey
New Mexico
Northwestern University
Oceanview Apartments
Papier D'Aluminium foil
Papa Johns pizza
Penn Yan Village
Qiu Qianchi
Quinn Pat
Rachel Biden
Robert Kerr
Ran Ma
Ssips Orangeade
Scott Pippen
Scrub buddies Sponge
Scotch Bride Tapes
Scott Marshall
Sheryl Sandberg
Sofina Yuan
Toyota Yaris
Tara Miller
u of Kentucky
Ultra Sound
Uhaul towing truck
Venessa Hudson
Victor Carl
Victoria University
Wuhan University
Washington D. C.
Xi Mingze
Xu Jianying
Yamaha motocycle
Yahoo rocket mail
Yanhong Li
Yu Zhang
Yo Yo Ma
Zhejiang university
Zhiyuan Yang
Zhiyi Zhang
Zhang Dongkui and Jizhong Zhang

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

dancing with stars

Rike and Sheila,
Kevin and Mila,
Orington hotel,
Chubby birds dance Tango.
Red thick lips,
Strong hair hips,
The music is of a mix of Jazz and Pop,
American Best Value Inn.
Sleep Inn,
Rice University and Houston,
UK of Kentucky chicken,
Edward and Anna Mitchel family foundation.
Mrs. PHOS,
OSSM folks,
Side by Side at OKcPhil symphony,
OCU Wanda Music Room.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

what did I eat today?

basic cereal,
cinnamon toast,
cafe bella oatmeal,
quaker grits..
that's lots
for breakfast meals.

for lunch,
i opt for hamburgers,
or reman noodles,
although i eat long beans,
and spicy tofu at times,
i mostly choose Jasmin rice.

half an hour walk after dinner,
2 hours online reading,
yahoo mails,
facebook friend chats,
twitter updates,
blogger and firefox are our close supporters.