Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Thinking of Jingjing Guo, Kenneth Fok, Timothy Fok, Loletta Chu, and their treasure family member Lawrence Fok

in our life span,
we watch news either from television or from our books,
many pass by without stirring our mind.
today in Hong Kong, many famous people gather,
they speak Cantonese,
and spell Eastern Pearls.
Recall 1992 Olympic games,
We know Jingjing Guo, Mingxia Fu, Ning Li, Ming Yao,
We also know Yaping Deng, Ping Lang, Michelle Kwung, Peter Thomas, and Patrick Edward.
Movies or TV dramas do please us to entertain,
That's why we highlight Yazhi Zhao, Tong Ye,
which is the white snake spirits queen.
Here comes Huanzhu Gege, Shen Diao Xia Yu,
and we switch to Ni Chun, Jackie Chen, Zuming Fang, Xiaoming Huang,
Mi Yang, Yifei Liu, Wei Zhao, Bingbing Fan, Tao Liu, Binyan Yan, Ruby Lin,
and we rain sweet words on Mingze Xi, Chelsea Clinton, Jenna Bush for higher IQ.
From Standford University, Princeton University, Yale University,
to Harvard University, MIT, UChicago, and Northwestern University,
many famous offspring sing their songs
and do dance marathon to pave their way to Silicon Valley of Boston, MA.
happy news for Jingjing Guo,
joyful baby photos from Hong Kong and Beijing,
a remarkable milestone there shines on,
let's praise God for the blessings of Fok (Huo) family.


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