Thursday, October 15, 2015

wuhan tianhe and london padington (short story slam week 31)

 Short Story Slam Prompt 31: 17 days to A Spooky and Sheepish Halloween Night

lots of people speak,
it is all about food, goodness, and goods,
many places stretch their heads,
it is about skylines, seaside views

when charlie brown wear a ghost costume,
he is ready to knock your doors,
with a cute hand, and hungry eye,
you must hand him a piece of love

a small man with a pumpkin face
wants to see witches and brooms,
but not all witches are in rural place,
that's why wuhan tianhe transport ghosts to london padington

charlotte, laura, hillary, and jenna smile,
chelsea, malia, sasha, barbara, and kate middileton weat the cloth of crocodile,
wonder why a gang of four has big long jaw,
because they are halloween masters to peking war.

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