Sunday, November 15, 2015

Barn Collective from Tom Houston

The Barn Collective.

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Sunday Whirl: Wordle #225, Short Story Slam Week 33, and black and white wednesday


Distracted by loud complaints,
I think of those who showcase kindness,
Steve Wood, Tim Passmore, David Henneberry,
including Italian dean Stephan Wilson, and Larry Page

William Bus seems losing his trust,
nameless people surface like silent laugh,
Zhiyuan Yang enjoys Guangzhou teaching,
Jian Dan passes sweet treats at Xiantao High.

At 2014 Northwestern University graduation ceremony,
Yummy eggplants appear beside Natalie Furnetts, Patricia Lee,
Ryan Field freezes thousands audience with spring looks,
Alicia, Julio, Morton, Joe, Jaint, Frank, and Cao walk with dishes of love

Wiggle around, years go by,
Hong Kong Mountain Peck,
Thanksgiving brim and peck seven days of gratitude,
Venom, Kara, Jen, Marissa, Lucinda, and Carl scramble for gem wit.

many people contribute,
including Hounian, Chuanxian, Shihe, Chuanhia, Quansen, Xiaojun, and Liyuan,
Jintao Hu comes to the rescue if Jinping Xi quits,
Hongjian, Donghua, Jianfei, Lanfeng, and Nianyu...Goble, Goble.... 

3WW Week No. 453   distracted, venom, wiggle

 short story slam week 33, Nov. 12 to December 6, 2015

Joining Adrienne for:

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

metro family magazine for short story slam week 32

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

I reckon Hannah Schmitt is right,
families need help
in vacation, events, and child rearing guild

when you read the broucher,
you may notice family favorites,
no kids allowed comedy for parents by parents

it is post Halloween time,
November brings us cool air, thankful thoughts,
and we do still loyal, still true to okstate cowboys,

believe it or not,
many children grow up with Saint Francis hospital,
and you won't disappoint Arzela Leming, Jillian Montuwa's personality.

places gather information to sprout,
Jones, Bethany, Ralph Ellison, Luther, Del City, Midwest, Nicoma Park,
Belle Isle, Warr Acres, Harrah, Choctaw, Village, Almonte, Wright, ...

plus Edmond, Capital Hill, Downtown, El Reno,  Scapula, Altus, Crescent Creek,
Inola, Bentoncville, Perry, Perkins, Tryon, Yukon, Jenks, Tulsa, Shawnee, Ponca,
Springdale, Haysville, Guthrie, Coyle, Broken Arrow, Lawton, Dulane-Browne, ..

Freshman follies are musicals,
Fall Festival is golden and brown,
never mind my small trip to Sam Noble Museum at Norman.