Monday, December 21, 2015

Blue Monday and Short sTroy Slam week 35

Blue Monday - New Outdoor Nativity

Mary Oliver predicts
that the 21st century joy
is Abbey Paterson, plus Ames Wilshire
not that long ago,
as Fubini and Peter discuss applied math,
Sarah, Jenny, Danping, Chris, Dela, and Robert foresee the coming light
Kevin works hard on it,
Kathleen excels on it,
Douglas, Alan, Benny, Lisa, William, and Igor already stand out on it.
Blue Monday on December 21,
that's a sign of madness,
Hope that Steve, Meijun, Dehua, Bing Han, and Yuhan notice it
Xianghong Gong moves away to Madison,
Congshen Cao, or Xin Yuan Cao stalks us from Florida,
lots of you agree that Kent, Tom, Mathis, Netral, and Ramjee can make it.