Thursday, March 3, 2016

some information on a small lord tom lee wu, and oklahoma school of math and science

                                                                                        Nicholas S. Zeppos
                                                                                        Chancellor’s office                                   
                                                                                       211 Kirkland Hall
                                                                                         Nashville, TN 37240
         Re: Tom Lee Wu,
         Chris Raun, Braxton Noble, Trent Passmore, Neel Rao

     February 10th, 2016

   To Whom it may concern:

   Greetings, Mr. Zeppos and, your fellow faculty!
this is an open letter for Tom's college application from one of those who cares.

Tom was born in Austin, Texas, December 25th, 1997, and has enjoyed three years loving Austin Zilker Park,  University of Texas long horn spirits, while his father was a post-doctor in Math during 1997-2000.

From August, 2000,  Tom has Spent his childhood in Stillwater, Oklahoma in the past 17 years,  Making friends with musicians such as Eric Garcia, Scott Jackson, and John Clinton…

Tom is a human with civic behaviors; his character stands out powerfully for being a good Child, a reasonable schooner, and he plays Cello across the nation, with Dan Larson, Christy fine, Scott Jackson,  as Conductor in Fayetteville, Arkansas,  Tom also has earned some experiences with Ok
State university plant and soil science faculty in their labs during summer time of 2013, 2014, 2015, being paid a small amount by Oklahoma state university human resource office, his summer experience relates to William Henry Raun, Bee, Candi, Chris…

When Tom was in Junior High, he has enormous fun doing tracking field run daily After school, being friend to Rylan Carney, Trevor Fieldsend, Justin Mills, Wavely Wang, Tina Wu, Abbey Wood, Richard Yang, Albet Cai, Neel Rao, Trenton Passmore, and Chris Raun, Tom has won a student of the month Award along with Anna, a female Student in January, 2012 via Rotary club of Tulsa, under Trent Swanson

As a mother, I realize that Tom never has problem attending schools, engages in Volunteer Activity in places such as Oklahoma School of Science and math, and Tom always respects His teachers, principle, and fellow peers as a young musician, high school senior, and a talented computer science candidate

Tom has won fame in NAHO honor orchestra, Omea All state orchestra (2014-2016), With Nathan Greenwood, Denney Lee, David Boren, Mary Fallin supporting

Both Jiahong and I (parents) love Tom without consideration, we wish him the best experiences in  His college years, we feel good that Vanderbilt University  is one of Tom’s prior option in his college education, and we thereof recommend Tom Wu to you, and to your fellow faculty and Student at Hanover city…

Tom’s older brother Sheng Wu indeed agrees for Tom to enjoy your place. Please pass our words to undergraduate office staff and personals,  We applaud your momentary attention and support.

Re: Tom is a current student at OSSM, his advisor is Ruibo Li, his principal is Frank Wang, And his college admission consular is Chris Shrock,
Cynthia Brown, his relative recommendations are Joseph Singer, Drew Faust, Jonathan Rosenberg, Ann Blair, Francis Doyle, Megan Barry, Wavely Wang, Amelia Wilson, Gina Noble, Uwe Gordon, Xifan Liu, Chad Penn, Jennifer Wisdom...

We are looking forward to hearing good result from your school