Saturday, March 26, 2016

staff development day; a story on Jackie Freiberg


Staff Development Day started in 2013 as a day dedicated to celebrating the career development of Oklahoma State University staff.  Each speaker has provided staff with a different opportunity to not only be inspired in their career and time here at OSU, but also in their personal life.  This website will be updated throughout the year, so check back for updates and micro-learning opportunities.
Staff Development Day 2016 featured an inspiring presentation by Dr. Jackie Freiberg.  Dr. Freiberg delivered a message, based on her latest book Be A Person of Impact. She asked participants to consider, what are you doing to improve your brand and self-evaluate?  Dr. Freiberg provided direction for those looking to improve themselves and become the CEO of their future.  She left Staff Development Day participants with the idea that small changes = sustainability and that a simple 30-day challenge could be the start of something big.
Are you still looking for a way to get started?  Here are some helpful tips:

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