Monday, May 2, 2016

poetry rally week 83, the list of roosters outside my window

Hyde Park Poetry

April rush,
May Flowers

Kenneth Elliott,
Zeben Ashton styles

Jay Watson,
Maria Buckley horn blower

Jake Hufney,
Eric Polack backing up energy

Ryan Bunch,
Peabody College of Education from Newark

Scarlet Knights for Rutgers University,
Wild cats for Northwestern University

Vandy mail service
Penn Street, Ingram Scholarship

Camden, NJ campus
New Brunswick, NJ addmission

Owen Graduate School of Management
Gabor Karsai, Michael King, Rothschild Evans music

Nervana Earbuds, George Siemens,
Raymond Schmidt, Khayriyyah Chandler math analysis

Roberta Schmidt, Dough Schmidt,
Eric Schmidt,  Robert Wood Johnson asistance

Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
Edward Bloustein school of Planning and Public Policy

Mason Gross School of the Arts
Bill Cook, Rikka Infinity, Kylie Dick, Guam Yang, Chongchi Zhang, Kaijie Zhong