Monday, June 20, 2016

short story slam week 46, escape boredom and seek inspiations

short story slam week 46: escape

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a village sign... 

to escape stress,
Richard Blanco, Julie Cohen, Joy Hofmeister, Lori Blair, Mark Barcus, and Mike Joseph confess

to sweep rising erupting fury
artists of Copland gather near Maryland and North Dakota states

an Iowa map is detailed,
an Illinois cocktail party is hosted

Julio, Morton, Drew, Nicholas, Philip, Doyle, Julia, Miranda, Valden, Steve, Bret, Jim parking a lot,
Julie, Emily, Sophia, Alissa, Rachel, Matt, Anne, Beryl, Sharyl, Kara, Marissa, Lisa, Amelia cooks

shimmering winds
wet paints dry in swarming shadows

boiling wrath replaced by icy looks
the Haunted Acre Woods ripple with Martha, Mary, Lucy, Whitney, and Hannah senses

to escape some noises,
I get up, brewing a cup of Maxwell coffee

a sip of honey is sticky
a taste of Quartz Mountain Resort concludes Enid, Idabel, Lawton, Fredick, Elgin, Miami, Stillwater 

you hear Margaret Carpenter Haigh, Alex Sutton, Ashley Sage, Jesus Insuasty, Gabrielle Paddilla,
i listen to Taylor Rodgers, Julie Yu, Deb Stevenson, John Arnold, Mikylah McTeer, Kyungjin Yoo

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