Thursday, September 8, 2016

short story slam week 52, some distant relatives and their stories

Fan Bowen,
Lu  Fulen,
they meet at Shen Yun performance
and their have a small woman, we call Wendy Louis (Fan  Yishu)

Fan Min
Guo Qiming
they fall in love and married in Fujian
and they have a daughter named Susan Forest (Guo  Bingbing)

Wu Linlin
Zhang Chunqiao
they write to one another and married at Helena
and they have a daughter named Amy Fowler (Zhang  Xueshi)

Wu Sheng
 Hao Furong
they are soul mates from Lansing High School and married at Madison
they have three lords, Yike Song, Yidi Shui, and Yihong Mei, pinewood, waterdrop, cherry

Liu Ying
Pulse Shi
they wed at Miami, and reside at Conyers,
their son is a Camel (Luotuo), and a proud goat, we call him Eric Barton or Bradley Peony

Mira Singer
Jeff Yaris
they have international romance, and their daughter is Elizabeth Lyche Banks, yiqiu Ju

Yang Wanrong
Luo  Jie
they share common research interests, and their daughter is Dennis Fayvonne (yisen yang)

Wang Qingzhi
Chen Zhouping
they have many years of joy in their marriage, their offspring is Judy Chen, Tony Noyce, Bill Wise

Jiu Quansen
Liu Hua
daughter Jiu Xinyi or Tiger Lily rises, a golden finchbird and a sweet potato from Chongqing, Peking

Ella Wu
Santa Fe
a princess comes, she is Lori Swanton, we call her Dragonfly, Yiqing Ting

some random stories could evoke dramatic emotions,
many people opt not to publicize such folder, yet we do see a few names popping

Image result for rose 
Image result for poney 
Image result for lotus 

Image result for dandelion 
Image result for dragonfly

Image result for shen yun


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