Wednesday, December 7, 2016

short story slam week 58, 59, noiseless cucubara, extraordinary Haydon, Hansen, Knauss, Yunaska, Trump, Evans, and Chapman

short story slam week 58, 59, noiseless cucubara, extraordinary Haydon, Bayles,
Hansen, Knauss, Yunaska, Trump, Evans, Hendrickson, Fisher, and Chapman

it is about Barry, Christ, Singer, Faust, Minow, Stein, Perez, Gosney, Kim, Wise, Copley,
it is about a melting pot of Ottino, Schapiro, Jordan, Wilson, Wood, Yuwin, Murphy,

I forgive myself when I think of kindess of Biden, Gates, Dell, Louis, Schmidt,
I sink myself into bottom if I believe that last name of Chenney, Bush, Clinton,

consitue sailing, we see Carney, Mayer, Bogue, Robbins, Chamber, Turner, Kobetis, Baker, Buffett, Page, Pichar, Southworth, Barry, Haslam, Brownback, Brown, Jaint, Noyce, Jobs, Campbell

far from Pacific coast, at south central,
we know Crawford, Fitts, Nicholas, Howard, Johnson, Dirks, Martinez, Schmidly, Hargis, Jaco

the water is deep,
few sees the fish

a carp rises,
bubbling about her romance and love

Brin, Bird, Adams, Blecha, Wells, Lincoln, Washington, Edison, Walker, Herbert,
Rodham, Dunham, Stanley, Willis, Steele, Sharp, Bice, Apple, Smith, Goce, McCormick

Frederick, Noble, Barnes, Nobel, Yau, Bone, Constantin, Colgate, Crest, Noell,
Francisco, Henry, Bennett, Fern, Yarborough,  Yates, Yanorez, Upham, Pitts, Pence

all birds sing
blue robin refuses to quit flying

Flynn, Watauga, Hutchinson, Walsh, Doyle, Blair, Kent, Young, Bezos, Kober,
Tuttle, Preston, Robertson, Handcock, Bebee, Obama, Robinson, MacLeod, Cobbs

we stop to view a few folks from Silicon Valley,

 Image result for Veronika Haydon  

Kai, Donald III, Tristan Milos, Chloe Sophia, children to Donald Trump Jr and Vanessa Trump

Image result for Veronika Haydon    Vanessa Trump and Veronika Haydon
Image result for Bonnie Haydon  Bonnie Haydon and Ivana Trump

JoAnn Kong and Judy Huang

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Wedding of Abbey Wood and Thomas Cheekawood
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Ken Hansen and Quinnlan Tuttle

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Martha Minow and Joseph Singer