Thursday, June 1, 2017

short story slam week 69

short story slam week 69, on Paisley Grovjaxiquzkerr Rodhamucrowfawnt, the piglet and her older brother Frank Snowflakes Shengbutow 

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On Humor, friendship, and siblinghood between 
Paisley Grovjaxiquzkerr Rodhamucrowfawnt, the piglet 
and her older brother
 Frank Snowflakes Shengbutow , the pooh bear,
in adition to 
Emily  Marysethjodi Dickinson, the Bunny,
and Amelia WilliamBurns Sanders, the Tigger,
hello, let us watch, listen, and hear what a budding child can do and say when she and he 
are set on Disney world, and get pushed to know Amelia Island, Abbey Wood apartments,
and Samson PLaza near New York Times Square....
it is about how to win
despite the circumstances,
how to pull out the tiger's den
when dangerous things fall upon us,
keep moving,
keep smileing!
love you, Paisley, Frank, Emily, and Amelia,
way to go, Alex, Joy, Mary, Connie, Tom, Gabe, Eric, Braxton, Taylor, Alison, Chloe, Barron,
Tiffany, Ric hard, Jack, Stephan, Kathleen, Sundai,. Anjali, Anne, Susan, Dennis, and James!


zhao youting, mark chao, a famous movie maker, he does preserve world peace mood
  a movie star indeed feels the grace of peaceful world
  su li


left wings and right wings
we ignore
white doves and black crows
we let them fly

things go flat
when a few people trust their master enough to sit,
no quiet quarrels
but piercing fights among and against invanders

we do see our boundary
we do see tanglewoods
we do understand our freedom in earth crust
we do promise some production within a phoenix's knowledge